• Test Lab Automation

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  • Overview

    Product release dates are always impacted by QA and testing cycles. As a Network Operator, Equipment Manufacturer, or a System Integrator, you are always under the gun to complete testing faster. Getting there requires a new approach. Test Lab Automation is the answer. Lepton is helping test labs all over the world to accelerate and automate their test cycles, while reducing the lab’s CAPEX and OPEX.

    Benefits of Automation

    • Increasing testing capacity - Automation allows you to test 24/7

    • Share resources - Test equipment is not controlled by a single owner, instead it is shared by many so equipment doesn’t stay idle. This drives faster development and products are released quicker

    • Better utilization of existing equipment - Leads to lower capital costs on test equipment and DUTs. Since lab equipment utilization is increased from around 25% to 90%, there is no need to purchase new test equipment

    • Remote Access - Allow engineers to test remotely, from their office, from another country, or from home

    • Accelerate Test Time - Using a programmable Layer 1 switch allows engineers to connect devices and create test topologies by using a simple software or API. There is no need to manually cable topologies. No need to walk or enter the lab which reduces the setup time. Engineers can build, modify, or teardown test topologies quickly and reliably using scripts, avoid manual cabling mistakes and freeing up engineers’ time to focus on other things

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    Lepton Layer 1 Cross Connect

    Lepton’s Layer 1 switch automatates 100% of the lab infrastructure. With Lepton, network topology changes can be performed with a click, or by integrating QA test scripts with APIs.

    ColdFusion is the largest scale Layer 1 test automation switch available, capable of interconnecting up to 256 100G interfaces or 1024 10G/25G interfaces

  • Get our free best-practice guide to automating your lab

    • Increase testing capacity

    • Share lab resources

    • Better utilization of existing equipment

    • Lower capital costs

    • Accelerate Test Time

    • Integrate with automation systems

    Can we live on Mars

    There are a lot of scenarios and equipment we need to test before we are successful in this mission. Automating those tests will make it possible much sooner. To book a trip to Mars click here

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