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EOL of the MRV Media Cross Connect (MCC) - We Have Your Back

· Layer 1 switches,Media Cross Connect

Have you been affected by the end of life announcement of the Media Cross Connect (MCC) from Adva (formerly MRV)? Lepton Systems' ColdFusion L1 switch is the ideal solution for migrating your MCC-equipped lab. ColdFusion can pick up where you left off with your MRV deployment and work in 100% collaboration with your existing MCC switch. This lets you continue to maximize your investment, yet plan and future-proof your next generation requirements.

Unlike many L1 switches, ColdFusion is not a re-purposed Layer 2 Ethernet switch or other network element. It was conceived and designed to operate as an automation tool for the test lab's infrastructure. Lepton improved upon the most popular features of the MCC, and ColdFusion's architecture supports a future-safe road map with economical deployment.

ColdFusion has all the features you love about the MCC:

  • RJ45 Ethernet support to 10G
  • Protocol agnostic, zero insertion loss, and latency of <50ns
  • Media conversion to allow mapping between equipment with differing media types
  • Programmable link flapping to simulate cable cuts or port fail-overs
  • Multicast mapping and port mirroring to share test tools and provide simultaneous testing

ColdFusion also provides greater scalability of port density and data rates:

  • Up to 512/1024 ports in 12 rack units (depending on interface blade)
  • Data rate support from 10 Mbps to 128G
  • Support of any MSA compliant SFP or QSFP/SFP28 
  • Python, RESTful API, CLI, GUI and 3rd party lab automation software support

Additionally, the Lepton team spent many years as key players in the MCC's development and sales at MRV and can make your migration from the MCC much easier. We understand your applications, know your existing L1 switch, and can guide you through the transition.

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