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Lepton Announces New 64 SFP Blade

ColdFusion - the first Layer 1 Switch to support 10mb to 128Gb in the SAME CHASSIS

· Test Lab automation,Layer 1 switches

Lepton Systems, the game changer in Layer 1 switching for test lab automation, announces a new SFP blade for their ColdFusion Layer 1 switch that changes the game once again!

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Cold Fusion, the only L1 OEO switch to offer high density, affordable 128Gbps switching, can now support 10mbps up to 32Gbps data rates (including RJ45 10/100/1000 copper Ethernet) with the new 64 SFP blade. The blade supports 64 SFP-pluggable ports, and is compatible with the eight-slot ColdFusion chassis. The chassis can be populated with either Lepton's 32QSFP Blade or the new 64 SFP Blade, making it the first Layer 1 switch to provide multi-rate support ranging from 10mbps to 128Gbps in the same chassis.

The 64 SFP blade supoorts any MSA-compliant SFP including, but not limited to:

  • 10/100/1000/2.5G/5G/10G RJ45 (copper) Ethernet
  • Ethernet support to 25Gbps
  • 1394 Firewire (A and B) for government networks
  • Fibre Channel up to 32Gbps for storage applications
  • Media conversion from copper (100Mbps to 10Gbps) to fibre 
  • Single Mode to Multi-Mode fiber conversion
  • Concurrent use of 512 RJ45 SFP ports (fully populated system)

Lepton Systems' ColdFusion addressed the demand for test automation in a variety of test environments by controlling the connection of the physical layer through software commands. ColdFusion facilitates automation of the test lab's infrastructure, enabling remote access and control of the test lab's equipment, supporting a work-from-home/low-contact environment as welll as savings in both CapEX and OpEX.

Planning future-safe lab automation is no longer a tedious or confusing process. The versatility of ColdFusion supports current data rates, with migration to higher data rates as easy as adding a new SFP or blade. ColdFusion can support 512 32G ports or 256 128G ports (1024 ports using 1-4 breakout cables)in ta 12 RU chassis. No other Layer 1 switch can offer this variety of data rates, media types, or port density in a single chassis. For lab infrastructure automation, especially in the trending WFH environment, the new 64 SFP blade is a game changer.

If you would like more information, please give us a call at (408) 597-7347 or email us at