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Lepton Does it Again - Announcing the 2-Slot ColdFusion Chassis

Same capabilities in a smaller form factor for low cost-of-entry

· L1 Switch,Small form-facter,Small Scale Labs

Lepton Systems is once again changing the layer 1 switch game by announcing the release of a 2-slot chassis that addresses the needs of smaller deployments.

The ColdFusion 2-slot chassis design is based on the field-proven architecture of the existing 8 slot chassis, and supports 10Mbps up to 128Gbps data rates (including RJ45 10/100/1000, 2.5G, 5G, 10G copper Ethernet) in just a 4 RU chassis.

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We Listened to our Customers

The 8-slot chassis changed the L1 switch game by offering the highest density of 256 ports at 128Gbps, or 512 ports at 32Gbps. This high-density chassis piqued the interest of test labs world-wide and revealed the need for a smaller version of the switch.

In L1 switch deployment for infrastructure automation, one size does not fit all, and deployments vary from lab to lab. Based on customer input, Lepton developed the 2-slot chassis to offer flexibility in both cost-of entry, and system architecture.

Flexible Applications

The 2-slot, ColdFusion chassis has a 4 RU footprint for smaller labs or labs with limited rack space. Depending on the type of interface blade used, system capacity is 64 QSFP, or 128 SFP ports. The small footprint allows the switch to be strategically placed throughout the lab allowing for:

  • Distributed architecture - place smaller chassis where needed throughout the lab

  • Edge deployment - small form factor suitable for edge applications

  • Ease of clustering - use the 8-slot chassis as the hub with 2-slot chassis as spokes

  • Low cost of entry - cost effective for smaller scale labs

  • Portability - for increased mobility, can be easily moved throughout the lab as needed

  • Lower power consumption - a key consideration in lab deployment

  • Quieter fans - reduced lab noise

The versatility of ColdFusion supports current data rates, with migration to higher data rates as easy as adding a new SFP or interface blade. No other Layer 1 switch offers this variety of data rates, or media types in a single chassis.

Replacement for the Discontinued MRV MCC

Lepton's ColdFusion 2-slot Chassis is an ideal drop-in replacement for the discontinued MRV Media Cross Connect (MCC) L1 switch. Customers can now replace the MRV MCC 9RU, 288 port, 10Gbps switch with Leptons 4 RU, 2-slot chassis with 256 ports running up to 28Gbps. ColdFusion save over half the rack space, and extends the data rate support to 28Gbps.

No Reason to Delay Deployment

The deployment of L1 switches typically involves trying to guess what your lab will look like in the future. With the ColdFusion product family, planning future-safe infrastructure automation is no longer a tedious or confusing process.

In the trending WFA environment, the new, smaller chassis makes it affordable to bring remote access to your test lab. ColdFusion supports current data rates, with migration to higher data rates, as easy as adding a new SFP or interface blade. Lepton's low-cost solutions, versatility, and future-safe architecture takes all the guesswork out of planning for the future of your test lab.

Lepton​ helps get you off the fence in deploying automation with the introduction of the game-changing 2-slot ColdFusion chassis. If you would like more information, please give us a call at (408) 597-7347 or email us at