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    July 20, 2020 · Test Lab automation,Layer 1 switches
    Lepton Systems, the game changer in Layer 1 switching for test lab automation, announces a new SFP blade for their ColdFusion Layer 1 switch that changes the game once again! Cold Fusion, the only L1 OEO switch to offer high density, affordable 128Gbps switching, can now support 10mbps up to...
    April 30, 2020 · Layer 1 switches,Media Cross Connect
    Have you been affected by the end of life announcement of the Media Cross Connect (MCC) from Adva (formerly MRV)? Lepton Systems' ColdFusion L1 switch is the ideal solution for migrating your MCC-equipped lab. ColdFusion can pick up where you left off with your MRV deployment and work in 100%...
    L1 Switches,L1 Media support,OEO vs OOO L1 switch,L1 switch features,Test Lab automation
    There are many, well-documented ways a Layer 1 (Physical Layer) Switch can help you save time and money in your test lab: Enable programmable/remote access to the physical layer of a test lab infrastructure, eliminate manual cabling configurations, and share expensive equipment. Check here for a...
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